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You can get in contact with us either using the form below orby emailing us directly on  We recommend you check out the FAQ section below first as that may be able to answer your question.


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1. Where can i buy the game?

Right here on the website and at larger trade shows including Essen 2017.


2. How many players does the game support.

The games supports 3-5 players, but we feel the more people who play the better the gaming experience.


3. Why a t-shirt?

  • T-shirts are the most iconic of all band merchandise.

  • It makes the cards easier to pick up from the table.

  • It's harder to damage than cardboard, and more resistant to spills.

  • "Any kind of novelty drives up dopamine in the brain, and dopamine is associated with romantic love." - Helen Fisher Read

  • You can wear it if you really want to, but it only comes in large - the board won't fit on smaller sized ones.

  • You can't play the game while wearing it. Just trust us on this.


4. Can i wear the t-shirt?  Can i play the game while wearing the t-shirt? Does it come in Different sizes?  

Absolutely you can wear the t-shirt however we don't recommend trying to wear it while playing the game.   It only comes in large , as this is the minimum size required to fit the board.


5. Can i buy the t-shirt separately?

Unfortunately not at the moment.


6. If i pre-order now when will my game arrive?

We anticipate shipping will take place in early December.  If you pre-order we will keep you up to date with any changes to the shipping date.


7. Lost a Card or Badge?

 Just send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a description of your damaged/lost card to our address below. We’ll replace it!  Unfortunately we cannot replace patches at this time.

Band Manager:  The Boardgame, 133 Bethnal Green Road, London, E27DG.


8. Did you guys change your name?

Yes, originally the game was called Battle of Bands, it was then shortly known as Band Manager: Backstage Clash before we finally settled on Band Manager:  The Boardgame.


9. I run a board game cafe and am interested in a copy of the game.

Awesome, please get in touch with the form above with a link to your website, we will try and help out.