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Please note, the name of the game has gone through a couple of iterations including being called Battle of the Bands and Band Manager: Backstage Clash.  Some materials may still refer to the game under its previous names.


Band Manager: The Boardgame is a love letter to the music industry. Players are musicians striving to fulfill their destiny, whilst feeling the pressure to become more mainstream, and navigating the uneasy balance between companionship and headcount in a touring band.


Starting with nothing but pure passion, players go on tours to win career opportunities and fans. However, tours are expensive and risky. They can lower the risk by cooperating with others, but then players must split the spoils, so band members must earn their place or be left out.


Tours start out niche; poorly promoted with obscure genres & unusual instruments (bagpipe reggae?). As the game progresses, players gain success by selling out to more mainstream music and learning how to do effective marketing. As their careers take off, the incentive to cooperate with other players fades away, leaving nothing but a desperate race for fans.


Every player takes part in every turn, so there is no downtime; the game is a continuous negotiation, with players jostling for position as their careers develop & their profiles rise and fall


The Band Manager team consists of Edward Saperia, James Knight & Sam Ballard as part of creative Studio Original Content London.  You can find out more about the team on our team page.


We successfully ran our kickstarter campaign in October / November 2016, raising £15,301 from 371 backers.  You can find the full campaign here and the video below.


Nominated "Best Card Game" - UK Games Expo Awards 2016

"My 9 year old loves it, my dad loves it, my brother loves it, everyone that's played it has really enjoyed this game." - The Kwarenteen

"Easy to learn, easy to play, easy to enjoy." - TheGamingReview

"One of the best gateway negotiation games I've played." - Dicey Exploits

"Pushing the envelope of game design" - Australian Tabletop Gaming Network

"Really cool, really innovative!" - Undead Viking

"Right on pitch!" - Cardboard Stacker

"One to look out for" - Starburst Magazine

"I love it." - What's Eric Playing?

"Brutal, silly fun" - BigRedBarrel

"Unlike anything I've played before" - BoardGamingAtHome

"Good for both casual gamers and more experienced gamers." - Board Game Brawl

"A thoughtful, fun game." - Games Gazette Online

"A very fun, easy, innovative game" - A Boardgame A Day

"A lot better than I thought it was going to be!" - Player to the Left

"If you're a musician, I think you'll really like this game!" - Cassie Elle

"An amazing job!" - I Teach Her, She Wins

"Great little social game." - Offline Gamer Podcast

"Hilarious" - Geeks Under Grace

"A card game based on being in and managing a band on @Kickstarter! Take my money!" - Mike Butcher, Techcrunch

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