We've been friends for years, and getting up to all kinds of projects together.

Edward Saperia - Game Design - @edsaperia

I’ve been producing games and game-like things for many years now, though this is the first tabletop game I'm taking to market. Previous works include:

• The Betrayers’ Banquet, a 48 person, eight course live game banquet based around the prisoner’s dilemma.

Home Turf, an interactive sculpture exhibited at the Wellcome Collection Play festival in 2015.

Cryptofloricon, a system for sending encrypted messages with flowers.

PaperJam, a long running series of tabletop game jams (at which Battle of the Bands was invented!)

Band Manager was originally inspired by my time spent in various weird bands, most “famously” The Clockwork Quartet.


Sam Ballard - Design & Artwork - @baron_blackmore

Designer, illustrator & animator, pixels are my medium of choice. Outside of games, I animate for music videos and draw comics. Check out my other work at


James Knight - Business & Logistics - @JamesKnight1603

I studied Biomedical Engineering, worked with several technology startups, and am currently working in venture capital.

Together with Sam & Ed, I put together Wikipedia's global summit in 2014, Wikimania.